Got no where but got somewhere

Usually, my Sunday post is about where I’ve been on my Saturday travels.  But, I got no where.  I stayed home and puttered.  The vast majority of my puttering was on my 1900 Widows Weeds.  And I finally got somewhere.

I’ve been “working” on making this dress from The Voice of Fashion since the beginning of July.

August 1900 afternoon or evening

It is the first time I am trying to enlarge a pattern and adapt it to my size and  I’ve had a bit of a mental/motivation block on it.  There is an element of fear…I know Truly Victorian Patterns work but I’m not so sure about this enlarging business.  I’m afraid it will come out looking like an 8 foot broom stick or a 4 foot garden hedge wears it!  So I’ve been basically working on it for a half hour and then staring at it for 3 weeks, working on it for a half hour….  I decided to tackle the skirt first because it would be more forgiving.

It is hard to see here but there are a bunch of pleats that are sewed down.

The pleats end at various levels near the hem and that creates a nice little ruffle.  That’s as far as I got today.  I made huge panels that had the waist band 2xs what I need in reality.  Then I pinned ironed and sewed a whole bunch of pleats.

A few of my pleats

The next step will be the hem and trim.  I’ll put lace at the bottom and ribbon hanging down.  I doubt I will use as much ribbon as in the drawing.  It seems like it would take a lot and that stuff isn’t cheap.  Before I put the waist band on, I will need to decide if I want to put the lining in.  If I read the scant instructions for the pattern correctly, there is to be lining that is only attached at the waist.  I’m not sure I want to do that as it is not skimpy material, the lining will add more bulk to my waist area and…well, heck…I’m feeling lazy about cutting out, sewing and heming more material.  But, I may have to do it.  I may have to because the pattern says so and I am a good girl who feels like a guilty failure when I don’t follow the rules and because I’m not sure those ruffles will stand out enough without some help.

See what I mean about those ruffles….

This fabric is not quite shiny, and in fact, seems to absorb all available light.  It reminds me, in its look and texture, of crepe paper, which, I believe gets its name from the crepe material used in mourning attire.  My stuff is probably heavier than the real stuff but I think it is a not bad (and affordable) imitation.  I think, if I take it easy on the details-no shiny stuff, I could make this a full mourning outfit.  I have to do more research on just how much fun stuff you can have on a full mourning dress.




4 thoughts on “Got no where but got somewhere

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Its looking great, can’t wait to visit a cemetry!!!!

  2. Shirley A Victorian says:

    I agree…I want to go when I don’t need any extra layers.. late spring is soon enough for me!

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