Time for a cabinet card enstallment

I’m excited about my growing collection.  Two new ones arrived in the mail today and I’ve won 16 more on eBay and expect to be paying an invoice soon.  Today’s card is an older one.  It was one I got in a bundle of head shots and is one of the more unusual ones of that lot.Sorry for the crappy photo quality.  There was no natural light left when I took the photo and when I use the flash there is just glare.

The unusual thing about this card is the decidedly masculine look to this womans outfit.  The tie and jacket are strongly male!  I wonder if she was always dressing in this manner or was it just this one outfit…kind of a statement piece.  Was she liberated for her day…perhaps a suffragette?  May be she ran a business and wore power suits to be taken more seriously.  There appears to be some sort of pin on the tie but no other “bling” to be seen.  She wasn’t going for girly girl accessories with this outfit.   She has the frizzy bangs of the 80s and the sleeves of the 90s so that is the start of my dating guessing game.

It did not show up at all in my photo but the wording  M. V. Mower, 23 Clarence Rd., Lawrence Hill, Bristol, Established 1870 is printed in gold at the bottom of the black card.  Gold print on black was a trend in the late 80s to the 90s, which fits into my guess for the dates.  I was not able to find much on the photographer.  I did find a listing of Bristol photographers with some dates and names that may suggest a family business.  You will need to scroll down about 2/3s of the page to find the list of 4 Mowers who may or may not have been related.  One of the Mowers was an M Mower at 28 Clarence in 1900.  He was at that address longer than that but there is nothing to prove or disprove he was at that address prior to that.  So I’m sticking with my guess of late 80’s to 90s for this card.  And because of the sleeves…it is most likely from the 90s.


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