Pick me! Pick me!

I want to win a pair of shoes!  American Duchess is having a draw for a pair of her 1920s shoes, the 23skidoos.  Actually, it is the gift certificate option I want as I will put it towards her Victorian boots when they come out.  If you want in on it, head over to her blog.

——————————————————————————————————————I have another cabinet card for today.  Today’s card is a spectacled nurse. If you click on the photo, you should see a larger view of it and get a clear view of her glasses.  Her hair looks 1880s and her sleeves look 1890s so I’m thinking this is another card from the late 1880s to early 1890s.  The reason I think that she is a nurse is because of the cross-shaped pin at her throat.

Looks like a cross-shaped pin with a white ring and a dark circle in the middle.

This pin looks similar to a nursing pin I saw on another website.

The photographers label is difficult to read but if you angle it in the light just right…..

Craven M Wayne Neb.

Unfortunately, this name didn’t lead to a big discovery.  I’m going to say this is an 1890s card because of her sleeves and because the name and border around the card is embossed (popular in the 90s).

I noticed a day later that there is a name on the back of this card…Ella Sears.  I tried googling the name with the location and got several possibles date wise but was unable to confirm that any of the Ella Sears I found, was actually a nurse.  There are a lot of Ella Sears out there….


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