Lest we forget….

I spent my Wednesday afternoon participating in a Remembrance Day Service at work.  I cry every time I’m at one of these things but normally I can get at least half way through before I start.  This time around, we were 10 seconds into singing O Canada and I looked at one of my old fellas and he was saluting the flag.  And thus my sobbing began.  I think my crying at these services began in earnest after my sons were born.  The thought that one day, there could be another war and I could lose one of my boys kills me.  I can’t watch Saving Private Ryan because I can’t get past the scene of the guy laying on the beach crying for his mother.  Ahhh, I’m crying again.  Just read this link.  It will show that my country knows that it isn’t just the soldiers that sacrifice.  click here.

And for the story of the first silver cross recipient…click here.  Please have hankys available.


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