Quote from Gunn’s Medical Book

I am a mad hatter indeed.  I intend to read this book from 1866-all 1183 pages.  I was never interested in reading a text-book that large when I was in school!  It is a bit mad to try to read it in the common room at work during my break….so many conversations going on around me and directed at me.  Sigh.

I’m on page 40 of this book…yeah, I know, I’m not making great progress.  What I expected was to be horrified at the barbaric practices or to laugh at the primitive theories.  Perhaps I will when I get to the parts about treatments for illnesses but so far, in these introductory pages, I’m finding beliefs that we still hold to be true.  And I find myself nodding my head and thinking “I needed to be reminded of that”.  At my current point in the book, Gunn is saying that our head and actions can get us into trouble physically.  Wanting something, even happiness, is not bad as long as we don’t let that desire get out of control.

The difference between one man and another is, that one governs his passions and another is governed by them.  a man who permits his passions to govern him, can never be happy; he will be discontented, irritable, and quarrelsome, and throw a tempestuous atmosphere around him, which makes him move in the regions of storms-he employs sure means to shorten and embitter life, whatever may be his external circumstances.  He becomes the architect of his temper, and misery must be the result of his labor.

Yeah, I’ve met people like that.  I was just thinking about someone like that today.  She had a driving desire to be seen as a wonderful person.  Not a bad desire but she wanted it so bad that she was unable to take in constructive comments from people who knew the subject matter better and she attempted to build herself up by destroying the reputation of others.  She created “storms” all around herself.

So on that happy note I bid you a good day and I wish for you to keep those self-created storms at bay!  And run from those storm makers you may have in your life!




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