What the H-E-Double Tooth Picks!

Most evenings, I write my blog post and program it to be added to the blog at midnight the next day.  Then the next morning, I go to the blog and make sure it looks the way it is supposed to and I re-read what I wrote.  Sometimes, with a bit of sleep and a bit of perspective, I spot mistakes I missed the night before so I fix them.  I did that this morning.  And guess what I found.  One single word was underlined in red and when my cursor went over it an ad popped up.  Now I didn’t ask for that.  I didn’t authorize that.  I’m a bit pissed that someone is trying to make money off of my words.  And apparently, they aren’t going to cut me in on it either.  Humph.

Anyone out there know what this nonsense is and how I can make it stop?  In the mean time…if you see red lines on my blog, do not pass your cursor over it.  I want no one else profiting from my blog!  Especially since I’m not!



4 thoughts on “What the H-E-Double Tooth Picks!

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Oh dear, ive never autoposted (it scares me) did you find any answered with support?

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