Lord Gordon Gordon

Anyone who knows me, knows I have fondness for a Scottish accent.  Actually, I like almost anything Scottish, the bag pipes, castles in the moors, kilts, and the Scotch thistle, which is basically a weed.  (Haggis I could do without.)  My youngest child was, at one point, thinking about joining the Army Reserve.  I was not fond of the idea.  I didn’t want my baby training to shoot or be shot.  I did tell him I’d be more inclined to be positive about the idea if he joined the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders as they wear a kilt in their dress uniform.

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Isn’t that just heavenly!  My child was not amused.  I’m not sure why…he has good legs for a kilt.  Anyway, the Reserves plan fell through so I was not able to test my theory or his resolve.

I have to admit that not all that is Scots is good. I found a reference in a Manitoba history book about a Lord Gordon Gordon.  (My chunk of Canada is called the province of Manitoba.)

This fellow was a bit of a cad and a scoundrel.  The condensed version of his story is a scammed a jeweler in London out of a ton of money and then in 1870, trotted off to the United States.  While in the States he claimed to be a Scottish Lord and he managed to scam a railway magnet.  The railway magnet discovered the fraud and sued Lord Gordon.  Lord Gordon went on trial and was granted bail while some of his references were checked.  Gordon grabbed that golden opportunity and headed for the wilds of Canada.

Of course, Lord Gordon had learned his lesson and began living a straight and narrow life in Canada.  If you believe that, you would have been suckered in by this guy too.  Nope, he continued on his life of crime and managed to convince the authorities that he was innocent and then OFFERED TO BUY HUGE CHUNKS  of the section of Canada called Manitoba!

When the American authorities failed to convince Canada to send Gordon back for trial, the railway magnet and his pals kidnapped Gordon.  The North West Mounted Police managed to capture and arrest the kidnappers.  They were refused bail.  The Americans were not impressed by this move and began to prepare for an invasion of Canada!  Heavens!  How does one guy cause so much trouble?

Canada’s diplomatic mess more or less cleared up when the jeweler in London caught wind of the story and sent a representative to Canada.  Gordon had not done anything in the States or Canada that was dastardly enough to get himself shipped out of the country and so he thought he was safe.  (The jerk was ready to let two countries go to war over himself!) The charges from the jewelers in London WAS serious enough to get him shipped back to London though.  (I have to wonder if Canada saw this as a way to get the man out of the country, avoiding war with the States and saving face all at once.)

Gordon held a farewell party for his friends and he gave them fabulous gifts (probably  bought with swindled money) and then he killed himself by shooting himself, thus, saving himself the trip  back to London.  Or did he?  A good screen writer could make this into a movie and have you wondering if he killed himself or was he killed by the railway man who wanted his vengeance.  Or was he killed by Canadian or American officials who wanted to make sure he would not live to stir up any more threats of war.  I love a good conspiracy theory.  I’d love to see what evidence there was that would conclusively prove it was suicide and not murder.

4 thoughts on “Lord Gordon Gordon

  1. Great story! Who needs to make things up when history is so full?

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