Bah Humbug

For the last 27 odd years, I have been putting up my Christmas tree around mid December.  But, the last couple of years I have not enjoyed the process.  That is because by mid December I had at least a hand in setting up 5 trees at work and had done all of two more trees.  Hauling them to the correct room.  Scratching my arms to bits standing them up.  And the friggin’ lights…don’t get me started on the friggin’ lights!  And I am a bit anal about the ornaments.  There has to be lots of them, but they need to be spaced evenly.  No clusters and no bare spots.  At work there are lots of helpers who don’t know about this rule of mine.

This year, I thought if I do my tree now, before the work trees, I wont hate the process as much.  I can’t say it helped much.  I had to wait until 3:30 pm because that is when the children were home and able to drag all the boxes into the house.

I like to lay out the lights on each layer before I put on the next layer. It is easier that way.

That is assuming that the lights are working.  I had to fiddle with 3 light strands to get them working.  And 3 light strands hit the bins.

Good thing I bought a bunch at the post-Christmas sales.

Once the lights were done (5 hours later) it was time to go down memory lane.

And a couple of years later we are expecting.

And the following year…..

And two years later, a new little guy.

There were some sad memories too.  One year my grandma died on Christmas morning.  I was ashamed that I had hidden the ornaments she made for me at the back of the tree because they were “tacky”.  Suddenly, that day, they became beautiful.  They are always at the front of the tree now.

And my dearly departed puppy has his spot on the tree too.

Now that it is up, I like my tree.  It took 6 hours of work but, it is up and I can enjoy if for over a month before I have to pack it all back up again (Arrrrrg!)

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