Faded but sweet.

My cabinet card for today is a faded full length portrait of an older couple.  I’d guess they are in their late 60s or early 70s.

Jackson Prophetstown Illinois

I don’t have too much to go on for dating.  I get nothing when I google the photographer and the style of card itself is pretty plain and gives us few clues.  It is after 1880 but that is all I can figure out from the card.  I’d have to focus on her sleeves and say this is more of an 1890s card.

If you click on the photograph, you should be able to zoom in on it.  If you start at the bottom you see a cute little two toned boot peeking out from under her skirt.  The dress it self is only slightly darker than the white chair so I’m imagining it as a tan or pale grey.

The bodice is what caught my eye.  The “jacket” portion opens to a wide square lapel that goes over the top of the shoulder and possibly around the back.  Around this is a trim of tight little pleats that go all the way around and also appears on the cuffs of the sleeve.  Under the outer bodice is a faux shirt that is white and folded.  This is where the photo starts to fade. The neck has, what I think is, a fitted collar that is topped off with A TON OF LACE and possibly a bow at the back.  I’m not in love with that part.  I’m also not mad about that hair style but you see it quite often.   I don’t think it does much for this lady.  I know it wouldn’t do a thing for me!

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