Moving and shaking in the 1890s

I will continue on with my “If I were born a hundred years earlier” theme and look at the years 1894-95.  In my imaginary birthday, I would have  been 29-31 in those years.  I’d possibly be still having children at that age, but in between, if my husband were prominent enough, I’d be going to balls and playing hostess for dinner parties.  My role would be to help move the family up the social ladder for the sake of my husband’s career and my children’s future.

That era would be the big sleeves and the Gibson Girl hair and I’d be still young enough that I’d be able to pull off the fashion without looking silly.  And because it is my fantasy life, I will be rich enough to afford a Worth dress!  And what a dress.

1893-95 ball or evening gown

1893-95 ball or evening gown

You know it is intended for an event like a ball or an evening at the opera because of the short sleeves.1893-95 dress worth red velvet bI like the detail inside the sleeve.  Very pretty.

Just look at that train!

Just look at that train!

The color is pretty smashing too!  I can wear that color.  And if that isn’t enough, we have an economical Worth dress.  It can perform double duty.  With a simple change of the bodice…. have a dinner gown.

…you have a dinner gown.

I think it is a dinner gown because it looks a bit formal for a tea or visiting dress but there is a bit more coverage than the ball gown look.  I guess you could wear it to church.  What do you think?  Is it too covered for a dinner dress?1893-95 dress worth red velvet eIt would be warm with all that velvet.  I’d really like to make a reproduction of this dress.  (At $40 a meter, it wont be happening any time soon.)  Wouldn’t it be wonderful in this color for a Christmas event?

I want this so bad!

I want this so bad!

I really love the bustle era with all the draping and bling everywhere but I really think this is the era that makes me feel pretty.   It suits my figure type best.


4 thoughts on “Moving and shaking in the 1890s

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    I like the second bodice outfit much better. But seeing I have no neck it would make me feel like I was choking. I think I would sacrifice, if I had a chance to wear it though!

  2. I love the first photo, in the ball gown style. Gorgeous gorgeous dress and a gorgeous color. I had no idea Worth ever did any sort of “convertible” dresses, I thought he’d be too exclusive for that sort of practicality!

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