Victorian at Heart does Christmas

Last weekend, my little club ventured forth for our Christmas outing.  As usual, there were 500 photos taken, some of which you have already seen and some of which I have not yet seen myself.  I want to show you some more of the photos that I do have, but which to chose…which to chose?

We went to the Dalnavert Museum, the home of Sir Hugh John Macdonald, the son of Canada’s first Prime Minister Sir John A Macdonald.

Christmas tree - Copy

The reason we chose this location was it was decorated in Victorian Christmas decor and it is my favorite of our house museums! I was wearing my 1895 walking suit and Shirley also wore her 1895 outfit.

This photo was taken in the hall way of the upper floor.

This photo was taken in the hall way of the upper floor.

Shirley dressed up our co-worker in one of her outfits.  (This co-worker needs a stage name.  I will call her Coco Worker.)  Coco was wearing Shirley’s 1885 outfit.  The house was built in 1895 so our story is that Coco is a poor relation who was wearing a hand me down.  In order to make the silhouette of the dress more in style with the 1890s, Coco left off the bustle that originally came with the dress.  This is my favorite photo taken of Coco that day.  She is looking in the mirror of the front vestibule.front door mirror - Copy

We also met up with the MacLeods.  (I need to come up with first names to go with their made up last name.  Let’s see…Christopher and….ummm….Amanda MacLeod…there we go!)  Christopher is lucky.  His usual ensemble fits in just about any Victorian era.  Most of his outfit is actual Victorian pieces, with the jacket belonging to someone of some importance to Winnipeg but for the life of me I can’t remember who.

Chistopher is checking out the grammaphone.

Christopher is checking out the gramophone.

Amanda is looking lovely in purple.  She rented her dress and hat from a place that has an assortment of dresses that are of various ages.

Amanda and I are sitting in the window bench at the top of the main stairs.  The stain glass is lovely!

Amanda and I are sitting in the window bench at the top of the main stairs. The stain glass is lovely!

About half way through our photo shoot hour, I removed my hat and jacket because I was  a) getting hot, b) wanting to look the part of the lady of the house entertaining her guests and c) showing the versatility of this outfit as far as costume flexibility?  And the answer is “a”.

at home wear - Copy

And for my final serving of Victorian finery, I offer the obligatory stair case photo.

staircase - Copy

I’m glad the cameras got put away at this point.  Most of us headed off to a nice little diner/bakery for a lunch that we all managed to not have time for earlier on.  I parked the car and Coco and I began a fairly lengthy walk to the establishment’s front door.  The weather in my burg has been ghastly with freezing rain.  I was not at all cold (please recall that I was striping down layers earlier on in the afternoon) but I was not at all graceful either.  I hit a patch of ice in my heeled boots and began a cartoonish spinning of my feet.  I was struggling desperately to stay on my feet and to protect the hat that I had just spent all morning working on!  I failed on both counts and hit the ground with my hat sailing off.  (I just had this vision in my mind of someone looking out the livingroom window of their Edwardian house and seeing ghostly figures of Victorian woman gliding down the street in the dusky light and suddenly, one of them hits the ground….I wonder what they had to talk about over their supper table that night)  Anyway, humiliation makes you agile and I was up on my feet in an instant and on my way to the diner.  It was a few hours later that I realized that I had twisted my knee and have been hobbling a bit ever since.  Really, it isn’t that bad, the stabbing pain isn’t all day and neither is the nauseating grinding sensation…!  Thank goodness it is not the Victorian era or they’d have to amputate.  Just kidding!  It’s not that bad!  Makes for a good story though!  Have a good Friday folks.  Talk to you tomorrow.


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