Mrs Joney

Today’s cabinet card is of an older woman with snow-white hair.

(I hope my hair goes white like that when I'm old).

(I hope my hair goes white like that when I’m old).

Besides her hair, I was impressed with the fullness of the blouse part of the bodice.  I love the white lace collar and I like the trim on lapel of the bodice.  The darker trim around the blouse looks to be a velvet does it not?

The photographer is Beals, Douglas Ave, Elgin Ills.  I thought it was possible the logo in the center has a pale toned “F” in the middle of the “B”.  When I googled that name, I found another cabinet card on eBay with the same name and address and the logo clearly says “FB”.  (The other card says 23 Douglas and I believed mine said 25 Douglas. For reasons you will see further down, I believe my card has faded to the point that the 3 merely looked like a 5)

I also found a write-up for photographers in Evansville Wisconsin that say a Ferris Beal was taking photographs there until 1889 when he moved to Elgin.  Scroll down this page about half way.  There is two photographs with women as subjects.  The description of Beal is just above them.

Then I hit a gold mine!  If you scroll down to the dates 1890-91 you see Beals at the 23 Douglas address.  He remains at that same address until 1908.  This is why I believe my card does in fact say 23 and not 25 as I originally thought.  This tells us the card is from 1890-1908.  This certainly fits with the huge sleeves of her dress.

Our lady seems to have a name though I have some doubts about how much of the name is hers and how much was spelled correctly.

Georgie Mrs. Joney

Georgie Mrs. Joney

The “Mrs. Joney” seems to be written in child like scrawl.  The Georgie was written by an adult hand.  Was this an older person completing the name?  Was Georgie the name of the child that did the other writing?  Did the child spell the last name correctly?


2 thoughts on “Mrs Joney

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    I think Georgie was most likely the lady in the picture. That the “child” may have known her as “Mrs. Joney”.

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