Today’s cabinet card is definitely a reprint!


The style of hair is 1850s so I’m guessing that the original was taken then.  The lower seam on the shoulder helps to back up my theory.  It was reprinted, possibly in an effort to save the picture before the original completely faded away.

This card is useful to show the hair style which is not a flattering style if you do not have a dainty doll-like face.  The swoops of hair draw the eye to the center of her face which is not this lady’s best feature.

This style does nothing for me either!

Dawn 21 - Copy It makes the top of my head look narrower (as it does to the lady above) and the middle of my face look wider.  Not a look I’m going for.  When you add the very high neck line that frames my double chin you have a recipe for “Doomed to Remain Unmarried Ugly” or if you prefer “Guaranteed to be Cheated on Homely”.  The only thing that saved my look was wearing my bonnet with the tie under my chin.  It acted like a corset for my extra chin.

I wonder how many women fell into the trap of wearing a style that makes them look homely because it was in style.

7 thoughts on “Reprint!

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Still happens now….just look around!!!

  2. tartanpants says:

    Anyone else having trouble posting comments today? This is my second try! I often think that in the old photographs people look older than they actually were. Not always, but often. My own maternal grandmother looked older at 35 than she did at 75 if you know what I mean, and that was all down to hair-styling and how she dressed.

    • I know exactly what you mean. Though not necessarily in her own time. When she was 35 her style may have said 35 to everyone around her. But, we associate styles as being old fashioned so they made your grandma look old fashioned and old to you. But, we also change as people. At 35, when her kids were young she was loaded with responsibilities. At 75 she only had herself to please. She may have adopted “freer” looking styles.

  3. prttynpnk says:

    I think the little flags you added really set it off becomingly….

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