I take up the challenge!

My Monday posts are supposed to be about sewing or project accomplishments.  I could say I have nothing today as I was too busy with Christmas this weekend but that would be a lie.  I was pooped after the family thing on Saturday and I just wanted to flake out on the couch all day Sunday and that is what I did.  I had a session of mental down time.  (I did finish that striped scarf but it turned out to be too short…not enough green.  I’ll sew or pin it into a circle and pass it off as a neck warmer.  I’m not excited enough by it to take pictures of it.)

Honestly, there have been many sessions of mental down time since this summer.  I’ve only managed to start one dress project and start and finish one hat and one shawl in all that time.  Procrastination, thy name is Wanda B Victorian.

This is why I am taking up the Dreamstresses challenges this year.  Every two weeks she challenges us costumers to complete something and post photos of what we have done.  She posts the challenges ahead of time so you can prepare in advance.  Let’s face it…many projects need more than two weeks to get them wrangled together and done!  The nice part of the challenge and knowing them in advance is if there is a huge project you want to include in the challenge, you can work on it in advance and you are not obligated to participate in all of them.  The two weeks of a project you wish to skip can be put towards a bigger project.  I’m hoping that sewing with other costumers, having a goal and having a dead line will help with some of my procrastination!

The first challenge is sort of a practice run…anything quick that can be done by New Years Eve.  I have been crocheting black fingerless gloves and have one done.  I think I can get the second one done by New Years Eve!

So with that in mind, I wish you a Merry Christmas Eve!

2 thoughts on “I take up the challenge!

  1. So pleased you are doing this! I hope it helps with motivation. I am going to do the challenge as well.
    I was going well for most of 2012, but I have had about 4 months of “down-time” cos I ran out of energy! Time to get moving again!

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