Christmas Rocked!

On Christmas day, my family has what we call “no rules day”.  Basically, we don’t get dressed, we watch TV or play video games till our head spins and we eat what we want when we want.  Example…this was my breakfast.SAM_0218

It’s OK, it was after 1 pm.  I’m still trying to get the grease to uncoat my mouth.

Santa was good to me.


I got a lot of things that I shall enjoy in the coming days.  But, the ones I like the best were the ones my two boys gave me.  They got me some dishes for the dish set I have from my childhood.  (Actually, they were old when I was a kid, they come from 1932-45.)


They got the bread and butter plate and the cup and saucer.  This makes a complete place setting for one person.  I also bought one as a gift for myself.


It is the small oval serving platter that matches the huge one from my childhood (that is currently holding a huge cake.)SAM_0217

This is my set thus far.  I’m such a geek to enjoy these so much!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Rocked!

  1. tartanpants says:

    Hi, I love these dishes, they are very “me”! Just to let you know that I have nominated you for The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award! Not sure if you got a pingback from my blog yesterday, so thought I better notify you! Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Yvonne xx

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