I don’t wanna be a birdie babysitter!

I was walking by the budgies at work this morning and they were…ummm…ahem…doing the….ahhhhh…wild thing….the funky cold madina…the hoochie coochie.  They were gettin’ their freak on.  Having some public fun.  Making whoopie.  Yup.  I was a tad embarrassed.  I told them to get a room but they were too busy to listen.

At first I thought, “Oh, some baby birdies! How cute!  My seniors will love watching the natural path of life!”  I resolved to go home and research this making birdy baby business so I can be as helpful as possible.

Now I’m thinking “Nay!  Say it isn’t so!”  This is going to be a lot of work!  Did you know eggs can get stuck?  Did you know that if the babies aren’t done when mom is done her cycle she will suddenly go nuts and beat them up?  (There are times I have been capable of understanding this but I have never acted on it.) Did you know that if the nest or food is not just right the babies can be deformed or the mother can get sick?  Did you know that they can have up to three sets of babies, one right after another and they don’t recommend more than two sets because it is hard on mom?  How do I prevent the third set…little condoms?!  And let’s get into the dead babies, the more babies than I need or know what to do with, and hand feeding the little blighters if mom and dad don’t know what to do!  I hope dad is shooting blanks.

This reminds me of the gerbil scenario when the kids were young.  We decided the kids could have gerbils and we did our research, bought the supplies and then went out and bought our gerbils.  I told the clerk to” pick 2  females”.  On the car ride home the kids were peeking through the box holes, naming them (“Brownie” and “Tippy”) and falling in love with them.  When I took them out of the box, I knew I should not have picked the pre pubescent clerk.  Anyone past puberty would have known those bumps under Brownies tail were not just decorative.  I could not bring myself to return “Brownie” because the kids already loved him.  I decided this would be a good circle of life lesson.

The first, second, third and forth batch of babies went well.  No blood and guts.  When the babies were old enough, I just gave them to the store who then sold them to new owners.  Win/win in my books.  But, by the fifth batch, the store had more than enough gerbils and they were not interested in my gift.  Then I went to an animal rescue who wanted me to pay to drop them off.  That was not something I was interested in.  So mom and dad were separated into different cages and all the sons moved in with dad and all the daughters moved in with mom.  Extra tunnels and cages were added so they’d have room and we had a half-dozen gerbils for quite some time.

If it turns out that the Daddy budgie is not shooting blanks, I will do the same with these guys and separate the girls from the boys.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep two budgies together who love each other but at the same time keep the bird population down to a reasonable number?

3 thoughts on “I don’t wanna be a birdie babysitter!

  1. tartanpants says:

    I’m scared of birds! So can’t help you on this one. My neighbour has a room set aside just for her birds. She breeds them and then sells them – she tells me there’s not much money in it but she does it for a hobby.

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