Well, 2013…here we go.  I will not make resolutions or sewing plans because they just get disappointing when I don’t manage to reach them…far better to look back and be surprised at how much I’ve managed to do than to look back and see what I didn’t…don’t you think?  Anyway, best wishes to all my readers and friends!


2 thoughts on “2013!

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Sewing is a pleasure and should give enjoyment…even when you screw up . I always feel great when I’ve “unscrewed” my screwups. I have never made a costume that didn’t need some kind of tune up, which gives me a story to share with friends. It’s little imperfection that make all of our costumes unique. We should not compete with each others creativity, but praise each others efforts. Looking forward to another great year with Victorian at Heart friends. Happy New Year!!!

    • I agree Shirley…it isn’t a contest…even with our selves. I have some ideas about what to do with existing costumes. Most of them need their closers either fixed or improved. I also want to do something about the hoops from hell.

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