Miss Amanda

I have a card de visit of a cute young girl.SAM_0221Her name was…

Amanda Kingsley Knopp or Knapp and she was 12 years old.

Amanda Kingsley Knopp or Knapp and she was 12 years old.

To date the card I went to this site for some tips.  The corners of the card are definitely square so that means the card is likely older than the 1870s.  There is a border around the photo, one thin line and one thicker one which was common from the years of 1864-69.

I’m running the Twilight Zone tune in my head right now.  I took the latest possible date for this card of 1869 and subtracted 12 years to get the possible birth year of Amanda.  That is 1857.  Then I googled Amanda Kingsley 1857 and got this page.  If you scroll down to the first tombstone photo it reads that it is for Lewis Knapp (recall I did not type in the name Knapp) 1838-25.  Spouse: Rachel Amanda Kingsley Knapp 1857-1907.   I don’t often get such exact information!  I could be wrong but I think this is the same person.  Then I found this site!  If this is her, she has a whole life!  I will be contacting this family and asking them if this is her and they want her to come home!


4 thoughts on “Miss Amanda

  1. tartanpants says:

    That is so interesting. You must get a lot of satisfaction when things like this pop up!

  2. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Well done!!!

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