She shops she scores.

The hubby and I went to a flea market today and I got myself a small hand full of cabinet cards.SAM_0226Those, I will share with you one by one, over the coming weeks.  The big time score was a 1930s  parasol.  It was the handle’s look, feel and length that I fell in love with.SAM_0223So pretty!SAM_0224There is a crack in the handle but you only see it when you zoom in on it.

The fabric is starting to go on it but that is not really a bad thing.  I’m thinking that I may dismantle it a sew up a new one that is more Victorian in appearance.


The colors and pattern of the fabric is too modern looking in my opinion.  But, is it a desecration to dismantle an old parasol to make it look older?


2 thoughts on “She shops she scores.

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    I would not destroy it…. I would cover it over, or try to enhance it to look victorian…but its your choice.

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