The Historical Sew Fortnightly: Challenge 0

The warm up challenge was to be done by New Years Eve, which I did manage to do.  Yeah me!  A dead line approached and I met it head on and beat it.  I had finished the first one ages ago but lost the drive to finish the next one.  I made up the pattern and because I left it so long I couldn’t remember what I did!SAM_0219I don’t love them.  They aren’t as lacy as I’d like.  And they are a bit baggy too.  They will do in a pinch though.

The Challenge: 0

Fabric: cotton crochet thread

Pattern: invented by me

Year: 1850s 1860s

Notions: none

How historically accurate is it? Probably not much!  Thread is too thick. The pattern is too bulky and not airy enough.   I bet the real ones were tatted not crocheted.  (I’ve never seen a real one so I’m not sure.)  Only thing that is believable is the cotton.

Hours to complete: Heaven knows. This project is spread over about 8 months.

First worn: TBA

Total cost: About $3 worth of thread

2 thoughts on “The Historical Sew Fortnightly: Challenge 0

  1. tartanpants says:

    Glad someone else makes up their own patterns! Our house is littered with scraps of paper with my rough plans on, I usually end up getting them mixed up then I can’t remember which draft was used to complete the item!

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