Getting excited!

Yesterday at work, we were planning the activities for my seniors during the spring month.  We have decided to hold another Victorian Tea for Mother’s Day!  Shirley and I will be providing the outfits for a few models to wear!  We are hoping to have each decade represented and different occasions represented.  We had done this once before but I hadn’t started sewing yet so I had used the work of another person.  Neither Shirley nor I have anything for the 1840s….hhhhmmmmm.  Can I get my other plans and UFOs done enough to make an 1840s dress… this one?

I’m also starting to get really excited about my impending trip to Mexico.  Only 14 more sleeps!


2 thoughts on “Getting excited!

  1. tartanpants says:

    Mexico, you are very lucky – can’t wait to see your photos from that trip, I hope you will be posting them. xx

    • I surely will but I wont be posting them till I get back as I wont be bringing my computer. I will be bringing my ereader that has wifi so if there is internet I can type replys to any comments that come up while I’m gone. Something to do while I sip coffee and wait for everyone else to get up.

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