Historical Sew Fortnightly: 1

This challenge was to create something that  would have been worn in a year ending in 13.  I cheated on this some.  I took a project that I rushed through to wear with Victorian at Heart’s Christmas outing.SAM_0139

I made the hat to go with my 1895 walking suit but the hat could easily go for a 1913 hat.  But, because it was rushed, it needed some tweeking.SAM_0233Not all the seams got caught under the pressure foot.SAM_0232One of the feathers broke after it’s first wear.SAM_0234And I wanted more piled on top.SAM_0235I fixed all the seams.SAM_0237And tacked everything down as the glue was letting go.SAM_0238And I added few more feathers and fixed the broken one.

The Challenge: 1

Fabric: Taffeta, cotton lace, synthetic something or other…I think it used to be a curtain.

Pattern: Butterick 4210

Year: 1890s-1910

Notions: Feathers, fake flowers

How historically accurate is it? Not to bad…except for the hot glue.

Hours to complete:  The fix up was only about 2 hours.  To build it was about 8 hours.

First worn: Dec. 7

Total cost:  The pattern was about $10.  The stuff came from my stash.


7 thoughts on “Historical Sew Fortnightly: 1

  1. tartanpants says:

    Gosh you are very inventive x When I see what folks can do, it makes me wish I could sew!

  2. Megan says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous hat! I have dreams of making a hat one day!

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