The first time I saw this…

The first time I saw this I stopped dead in my tracks and my breath stopped in my chest.  I was at the Museum of Man and Nature with my son.  I had walked into one of the rooms and I was looking around when my son called me, “Mom, look at this.”  I spun around to see what he was looking at and I saw this beauty…SAM_1933I lament having to try to take photos through a glass…You loose that rich plum color that makes me drool all over myself.

The dress has some history…..SAM_1932The thing I loved best were the “dingle balls”.  I think they are dyed fur.SAM_1934Aren’t they divine!  The bodice is pretty too.SAM_1935I just love those pleats!  And here is a view of the hat.SAM_1937Squeal!  I tried to use the mirror to get a shot of the back.  Here is tricky photography: reflection from a mirror with crappy light.SAM_1936I had to hold the camera way over my head and pointed down so the mannequin and the glaring flash wouldn’t obscure the photo.  (I know, my bad…flash photography in a museum!)


2 thoughts on “The first time I saw this…

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Beautiful outfit…and great shots of the detailing!!!

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