Lady with lace

I have a cabinet card from the 1880s.  She has the typical hair style of the time and also appears to have a bustle.SAM_0266Our lady had a pin at her throat and some sort of chain on her right side.  You can just make out her shoes in between her hem and that furry carpet.  She is holding a bit of lace.  Perhaps she made it herself.  The card itself is a bit beat up and the photo is starting to lift of off the card.  I will have to be careful with this one or the photo itself will tear easily.


Sorry about the blurry photo.  The photographers stamp says: Best & Co No. 1 Mc William St. West, Winnipeg, Man.  New No. 207.  Negative preserved. Copies can be had at any time by sending name and…..    I can’t read the last word but I’m guess it is the number of the negative.  In this case that would be 207.

Best & Co has some claim to fame. Alexander Ross of Best & Co took this photograph of the last spike in the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1885.800px-LastSpike_Craigellachie_BC_Canada(Photo was found here)

Ross, Best & Company was the 1880s Winnipeg partnership of John Ross,
possibly a brother, A.J. Ross, and possibly the brothers John Best and A.J. Best
(Mautz, 1997, p. 494). As there were many other photographers who could have
made that photograph, its existence as the sole surviving example of the last
spike ceremony (more than one exposure was made by Ross) is all the more

(Quote was found here)

As a Winnipeger I am not familiar with the street name.  I can’t find it on a current map so it must have been renamed at some point in time.  I can’t find an old map from the 1880s on-line that might help me figure out what it is now.


2 thoughts on “Lady with lace

  1. tartanpants says:

    These are so interesting. Do you actually collect these cards? Where do you find them? Yvonne xx

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