Wanda B A Greaser?

I needed a 1950s outfit for a 1950s themed event at work.  I made myself a poodle skirt and a toole petticoat to go under it.  This era is not my passion so I did not invest a lot of time or effort in it.  I didn’t even iron out the folds that come from fabric being on a bolt. And I didn’t hem it.  I just used the salvage.   It works, it fits, I’ll be able to use it again.  Meh.  Not excited.SAM_0230The shirt is not quite right but I had it already and I wasn’t in the mood to shop for or make another white shirt.  The little poodle is cute.SAM_0231

Finally got back into the vaults!

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten back into the vaults of the Canadian Costume Museum and I was experiencing some withdrawls.  I finally got back in there yesturday.  If my camera battery had not died I’d have oodles of photos for sharing over the coming weeks and perhaps they’d be of better quality.  But, I was going as fast as I could while it lasted and I only got a few so-so quality photos.  I hope you get some appreciation for the things I got to see.

The first item was just so darn cute I could not resist!  Everybody say “awwwwwwe”.

Chilren's button down boots 1905 Canadian costume Museum.

Chilren’s button down boots 1905 Canadian costume Museum.

Cabinet Card story update…

Do you recall this young girl from a couple of weeks ago?SAM_0221I had discovered her full name was Rachel Amanda Kingsley Knapp and I had found her family.  I did get in contact with them and found that one of them is even named Rachel Amanda after this girl!  Last week I bundled her up and shipped her off to her family.  A nice ending for a nice photo!

Dirty politicians

Nothing is new under the sun.  Politicians can have dubious morals now and this was also the case in Queen Victoria’s day.FECornishFrancis Evans Cornish was a politician in the province of Ontario.  He was thought to be stuffing ballot boxes with the aid of some of his friends.  He was once convicted of trying to beat the crap out of a guy who claimed to know Cornish’s wife in the biblical sense.  He was elected to London Ontario’s municipal council but he wasn’t too interested in that city and moved to Winnipeg the next year.

In Winnipeg he annoyed the Prime Minister of Canada by arresting a fellow and that move stirred the already boiling pot of unrest between the French, the English and the Metis Peoples.

In 1873, Winnipeg became a city and Cornish declared himself a candidate for Mayor.  He won with 383 votes to 179.  The tricky bit was there were only 382 people allowed to vote.  Cornish followers used the loop-hole that they were allowed to vote in every civic poll that they owned property in. Obviously, many of these fellas voted several times.

I don’t think I would like this man if I met him today…..

Lady with lace

I have a cabinet card from the 1880s.  She has the typical hair style of the time and also appears to have a bustle.SAM_0266Our lady had a pin at her throat and some sort of chain on her right side.  You can just make out her shoes in between her hem and that furry carpet.  She is holding a bit of lace.  Perhaps she made it herself.  The card itself is a bit beat up and the photo is starting to lift of off the card.  I will have to be careful with this one or the photo itself will tear easily.


Sorry about the blurry photo.  The photographers stamp says: Best & Co No. 1 Mc William St. West, Winnipeg, Man.  New No. 207.  Negative preserved. Copies can be had at any time by sending name and…..    I can’t read the last word but I’m guess it is the number of the negative.  In this case that would be 207.

Best & Co has some claim to fame. Alexander Ross of Best & Co took this photograph of the last spike in the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1885.800px-LastSpike_Craigellachie_BC_Canada(Photo was found here)

Ross, Best & Company was the 1880s Winnipeg partnership of John Ross,
possibly a brother, A.J. Ross, and possibly the brothers John Best and A.J. Best
(Mautz, 1997, p. 494). As there were many other photographers who could have
made that photograph, its existence as the sole surviving example of the last
spike ceremony (more than one exposure was made by Ross) is all the more

(Quote was found here)

As a Winnipeger I am not familiar with the street name.  I can’t find it on a current map so it must have been renamed at some point in time.  I can’t find an old map from the 1880s on-line that might help me figure out what it is now.

The first time I saw this…

The first time I saw this I stopped dead in my tracks and my breath stopped in my chest.  I was at the Museum of Man and Nature with my son.  I had walked into one of the rooms and I was looking around when my son called me, “Mom, look at this.”  I spun around to see what he was looking at and I saw this beauty…SAM_1933I lament having to try to take photos through a glass…You loose that rich plum color that makes me drool all over myself.

The dress has some history…..SAM_1932The thing I loved best were the “dingle balls”.  I think they are dyed fur.SAM_1934Aren’t they divine!  The bodice is pretty too.SAM_1935I just love those pleats!  And here is a view of the hat.SAM_1937Squeal!  I tried to use the mirror to get a shot of the back.  Here is tricky photography: reflection from a mirror with crappy light.SAM_1936I had to hold the camera way over my head and pointed down so the mannequin and the glaring flash wouldn’t obscure the photo.  (I know, my bad…flash photography in a museum!)

Historical Sew Fortnightly: 1

This challenge was to create something that  would have been worn in a year ending in 13.  I cheated on this some.  I took a project that I rushed through to wear with Victorian at Heart’s Christmas outing.SAM_0139

I made the hat to go with my 1895 walking suit but the hat could easily go for a 1913 hat.  But, because it was rushed, it needed some tweeking.SAM_0233Not all the seams got caught under the pressure foot.SAM_0232One of the feathers broke after it’s first wear.SAM_0234And I wanted more piled on top.SAM_0235I fixed all the seams.SAM_0237And tacked everything down as the glue was letting go.SAM_0238And I added few more feathers and fixed the broken one.

The Challenge: 1

Fabric: Taffeta, cotton lace, synthetic something or other…I think it used to be a curtain.

Pattern: Butterick 4210

Year: 1890s-1910

Notions: Feathers, fake flowers

How historically accurate is it? Not to bad…except for the hot glue.

Hours to complete:  The fix up was only about 2 hours.  To build it was about 8 hours.

First worn: Dec. 7

Total cost:  The pattern was about $10.  The stuff came from my stash.

Snow Day

Canadian kids all wait for the joy of snow days.  Those are days that schools are closed because the snow and roads are just too bad.  Canadians are a hardy bunch so it takes a lot of snow for the schools to close outright, but there are many a days that people take their own vehicles and driving skills into consideration and they keep their kids at home.

My normal routine is to get out of the house on Saturdays and try to do something worthy of a Sunday blog post.  (Actually, the husband’s clan was scheduled for a weekend of fun at a hotel in the States but it was cancelled due to the weather. There would have been some fun photos there!)

This is the weather.  Not horrible but not great...especially out on the highways

This is the weather. Not horrible but not great…especially out on the highways

I took my car and my driving skills into consideration and decided I wouldn’t be driving any where yesterday.

When you can't see where the ground and the road stop and start...it is too bad for me.

When you can’t see where the ground and the road stop and start…it is too bad for me.

Often, if the roads are bad I make the hubby drive me as his car and driving skills are much more winter worthy than mine.

You need a manly vehicle to get any where safely.

You need a manly vehicle to get any where safely.

But, since the family trip was cancelled, he joined up with my church’s men’s ice fishing retreat.  (Sitting on ice and freezing to death after a hair-raising drive to the boonies does not sound amusing to me…thank the Good Lord wives were not invited.)  With him gone, my butt stays home.  I’m having a snow day.

There is a certain kind of beauty in that.

There is a certain kind of beauty in that.

Getting excited!

Yesterday at work, we were planning the activities for my seniors during the spring month.  We have decided to hold another Victorian Tea for Mother’s Day!  Shirley and I will be providing the outfits for a few models to wear!  We are hoping to have each decade represented and different occasions represented.  We had done this once before but I hadn’t started sewing yet so I had used the work of another person.  Neither Shirley nor I have anything for the 1840s….hhhhmmmmm.  Can I get my other plans and UFOs done enough to make an 1840s dress…..like this one?

I’m also starting to get really excited about my impending trip to Mexico.  Only 14 more sleeps!