Two for the price of one.

Many moons ago, I picked up some carde de visites that were still in the pages of a small album, but the album had fallen apart and was being sold as separate pages.  Today’s photo is one of these.  The bonus photo, that was on the reverse side of the page I bought, is this old grandpa with a little tuft of hair on his head a full Abe Lincoln beard on his chin!SAM_0247But, sorry Grandpa, I didn’t buy the page for you.  I bought the page for this young girl.SAM_0244Isn’t she pretty!  And that hair is fabulous!  I slid her out of page via the little cut just under her photo so I could see the whole card.SAM_0245There is a lot going on in this photo so that makes this post 1870.  (Prior to that date, there was not much more than the people in the photographs)  She could be wearing a bustle but it doesn’t appear to be a big one.  Her dress appears to be velvet and those buttons have me drooling!  She has a simple but very effective white collar at her throat and lovely scalloped trim on her sleeve.  Her hair is a good example of 1870s hair that was fancier and probably intended for evening wear.  Perhaps this was a special occasion.  She seems to be holding something.  Perhaps a sprig of flowers.  Is this a wedding day photo?  Remember: wearing white for weddings is a relatively new thing.SAM_0246As per this wonderful site Napoleon Syrus was working in London from 1870-90.  I found another site that listed his shop locations and he was at 235 Balls Pond in the years 1871 and 1881 but by the 1891 census he has moved and later died.

I think this is an 1870-79 carte de visite.


2 thoughts on “Two for the price of one.

  1. Yvonne says:

    I love these card posts, so interesting 🙂

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