I bought my fabric.

Before I begin, let me wish all you love birds a Happy Valentines Day!

Back to my planned post for today….I need an 1840s dress by next May and I need it in striped material for Dreamstresses challenge at the end of March.

I was looking for a striped pattern that would look good on me and not be a too dramatic color as I’ve not seen many examples of strong colors in that decade.  I was also looking for something that might be a convincing fake that I could afford.  I’m not sure, but I think that striped and affordable were the only two goals I hit.SAM_0941This is definitely a bold color.  I’m a bit worried that it may be a bit on the orange side for me as well. A white collar will help with the coloring next to my face.  It also, may be a bit to shiny to convince anyone that it is anything but what it is…sythetic curtain material. Alas, I wish I could afford taffeta. But, ding dang doodly…I like it and I could afford it!  Just now it occurred to me the material might be the same color as a parasol that I had bought and was thinking of recovering. What do you think…pretty close eh?

Another thing, I need to not take myself to seriously.  I make COSTUMES FOR MYSELF.  Not museum pieces.  Not authentic replicas.  Not contest entries.  Not for customers paying good money for accurate pieces. And this cowboy can’t afford real taffeta for COSTUMES!  Wanda, relax and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “I bought my fabric.

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    Yes, relax! The material is great. The parasol goes well with it. This is all for fun. No competion, No pressure.

    • You are right. Some times I get caught up in the writting of other bloggers and forget that some of them are actually needing authenticity as they are attempting to be re-enactors or museum presenters. Some of them have way more training or experience. I was a bit caught up in comparing apples and oranges.

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