Thoughts on my 1840s dress.

I have begun working on my petticoats for my 1845 dress.  Intellectually, corded petticoats are easy and therefore should go fast, right?  Not so much. As I sewed, what felt like mile after mile of cording, two things were running through my mind…the spanish words I am trying to learn and the problem of keeping that somewhat orange material off of my face.  (Recall, orange is not my best color.) The solution I came up with is a fake white collar next to my face so the orange is not immediately next it.  The trouble I had, was not knowing if they did that in the 40s.  I know they did in the 50s but I didn’t know about the 40s.  So off for a search in the museum collections. At the Met I found this afternoon dress from 1848….

1848 dress afternoon bIf you look closely, you will see the mannequin has a little white collar!  Yeah! Problem solved!  I think I have enough hair to pull off that hair style.  I wonder if it will look okay with my particular neck to chin ratio?  Here is a color photo of the dress (sans collar).

1848 dress afternoon aAnd I must say, I like that fringe.  I think I will have to trot back the to store before sewing the bodice and buy a few meters of fringe.  And may be some tassels for my buttons….


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