Progress on my 1840s dress.

For my 1840s dress I needed to build up my undies collection.  I needed more petticoats because the 1840s had big skirts but no hoops to hold them up.  They were held up with several layers of starched petticoats.

Today I finished my corded petticoat.SAM_0949

I’m not sure that they used anything but white in that decade so I may have taken some creative liberties.  When I bought the fabric I would need for lining my dress, I bought twice as much as I’d need so I could make all of the petticoats with it too.

I was also able to finish a plain petticoat that will go over top of the corded one.SAM_0951In case you are wondering what that furry thing is on the floor it is…

Trudy's hair.

Trudy’s hair.

I hope I will have time tomorrow to make the ruffled petticoat that will go over these two.

That’s all for now folks!  I’ll pop by again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Progress on my 1840s dress.

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    They look great! I’m tired of the white also. I think the colour is fab!!!

    • One day I’d like to find proof that they either did or didn’t use colors for petticoats in that decade. Seems to me they would. It would be easier to keep a color than it would be to keep something white. It would be easier to hide dirt on colors. Middle and lower classes may have made petticoats out of scraps so they could have been all kinds of crazy colors and patterns mixed together…Especially a ruffle petticoat that would have been made of many peices. The thing is, these colored petticoats may have been worn constantly for these very reasons so they would have fallen apart before ending up in a museum. The hard to keep clean ones that are white with tonnes of decoration would have been kept for special occasions.

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