What do you think?

I’ve been trimming down my posts to 4 times a week.  I’ve decided to aim for posts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  Do you miss me yet?  Is this working for you like it has been working for me?   I’ve been working on my Spanish during my spare time and I now have the understanding of a 4 month old Spanish baby!  Just kidding!

For todays post, I’m sharing another of my cabinet cards.  This is a fun one.  It comes with a name.SAM_0955Mary Anne is wearing a dress with water marked fabric.  Don’t you just see it in a green?  Her hair style is 1880s and her dress is lacking a bustle so I’d say this is a natural form dress from the early 1880s.  The photo is a smidge on the blurry side so it is hard to see many other details of the dress.  For a closer view of the writing and the photographers name….SAM_0956I didn’t get to far with the photographers name.  The hand written name is Mary Anne Cafmeir.  When I google that, I get the listings from the person I bought the card from.  But, there is also listings for Mary Anne CAFMAYER from Wisconsin born in 1855 which would make her about mid 20 when this card was made.  (I’m chalking up the difference in name spelling due to a friend not knowing how to correctly spell her name.)  I haven’t been able to contact this family so here is hoping that they’d find this post and contact me and can possibly confirm that this is or is not the same Mary Anne.


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