More musing on my 1840s Copper Penny dress

In case you missed the post where I mention, in passing, how I came up with the name for this next dress, I’ll tell you it is because of the coppery color of the fabric I picked up.  I’ve been thinking about what to do about a hat and I found the PERFECT hat at the Victoria and Albert Museum.1845 hat V&A

I will do it in the brown as it will go with my hair, help take off some of the possibly bad effects of the color of the dress on my face and will match with the fringe trim that I want to add to the dress.  I haven’t bought the fringe yet because I ran out of money and needed another pay check.  I also delayed buying it because I wasn’t sure about what color to pick.  Shirley suggested brown and she is way better than I am at picking contrasting trim.  I get scared and end up going matchy matchy or white more often than not.

Anyway, back to the hat.  I want to do it in a brown that will compliment the brown fringe trim.  I have to check the stash and see if I don’t have something good in there.  I will decorate that with some flowers that go with the fabric.  Luckily for me, I wont need a pattern as I already own this one and it is close enough to the hat above. (Top right).Butterick hat patternIt doesn’t have the same brim but I like that.  The museum hat is the same shape as my bonnet for my 1850s tea dress and I don’t want to repeat that.  Not that it was a horrible experience or an ugly hat!  It was in fact easy enough to do and pretty cute.  I just want to try something different and may be learn a new skill or two.  The museum hat will serve as an inspiration rather than a goal.  I like the color.  I like the trim.  The pattern will inspire the shape.  Mix them all together and we will see what we get!


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