HIstorical Sew Fortnightly: 5

Dreamstresses 5th project for her Historial Sew Fortnightly ia called Peasants and Pioneers.  Not my genre.  I want to be a rich lady when I play dress up.  But, even a rich lady needs a collection of shawls so I whipped up another one.  I didn’t use a pattern…just a mish mash of things I remember from other projects…just what I imagine a poorer woman might do.  SAM_0961

The wool is 100% wool.


It is a bit narrow in the front strips…not as much coverage as I’d like.


I like how the lacey bit looks.


2 thoughts on “HIstorical Sew Fortnightly: 5

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    looks great for spring and fall. And for modern wear.

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