More musing on my 1840s dress

I’ve been looking at shoes in the Met to see if the flat shoes I have are close enough to possible to be an OK option.  My shoes are similar to these in shape.1840s shoesThe toe isn’t quite as square and mine have a bit more of heel (but still low enough to be called flat).  I might be able to remove that heel, or at least shave it down to make it more similar to the above shoe.  But, honestly, who will look that close.  My shoes have a bit of a tassel on the front that I may remove and replace with something else…like  a bow or ruffle.  That should tone down the modern look some.   I wasn’t sure about the reddish color  my shoes have…did they dye leather that color then?

Then I found these examples dated as 1825-30.1820s shoesNot pretty…at all…but, they are the right color so they were able to dye leather red.

Some day, when I’m not feeling so lazy, I will get up and photograph my shoes and show you what they look like.


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