Carte de visite and shoes

I did finally get off my can and take a picture of the shoes I want to wear with my copper penny dress.  They are not as square-toed as I remembered (obviously, I haven’t worn these very often).SAM_0972But, I don’t think the pointy toe is dreadfully off the mark.  The heel is.  That may have to go…if I can figure out how to do it without wrecking the shoe.  The bow is working for me.  I think I will keep that!  And the flip side of this is…they will be hidden under at least 5 layers of fabric.  who is going to see them?

Today’s carte de visite is of a young girl with a great head of hair (but, no chest to speak of-poor dear).SAM_0970She is wearing quite a bit of jewlry: large circular earrings, a bar pin on her ribbon, a ring and a many chained pocket watch.  But, the real eye catcher for me is the dress bodice.  I’ve never seen one that goes down so low!  And the bows are very sweet.  How do I date something so odd?  Well, I went to one of my favorite sources, Truly Victorian and studied the bodices until I found something that was close.TV410As I was reading the description of this 1873 polonaise bodice, I had an ah ha moment.  The description says that as an option, you can run the buttons down the whole length of the front to create a round apron effect.  The sleeves seem different but there were straight sleeves in the early 70s.  The odd thing is, if you look at her left arm the sleeve seems close-fitting but, if you look at the sleeve on the right arm, it looks like the chair is hiding a wide sleeve.  I will guess that this young girl is from the early 1870s.  And I’m thinking that when I get the projects I have already started done, I may need an 1870s polonaise that has the option of sitting open like the above drawing or being closed with cute little bows…..

The photographer’s stamp is on the back of the carte.SAM_0971That stamp is pristine…like it was done yesterday.  I was able to find a reference that seems to say that this photographer was at this location from 1864-95 (the names are in alphabetical order.  Scroll down till you get the “P”s.)   That means it is possible that he took this photo in the early 1870s.  That is my theory and I’m sticking with it.

3 thoughts on “Carte de visite and shoes

  1. Shirley A Victorian says:

    already have that pattern, but haven made it yet. you know i like the 1870’s. i like the bows down the front, but i think i’ll make mine open when i do make it.

  2. […] I’d like the fabric to be a floral but if I didn’t find one I liked, I’d go for a cotton material I do like so that it would fit the criteria.  I’ve been thinking about this “shape” of bodice ever since I got this cabinet card. […]

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