I hate piping.

I’m a few hours late with this post but that is because I couldn’t write it last night.  I was too busy with sewing and cleaning out my knitting box.  (I have an old picnic basket next to the couch that holds my knitting needles and current projects.  It had gotten to be quite the mess!)

As far as the sewing goes, it is hard to see that I made any progress at all.SAM_0985But, I have made some.  I add the revers (the lapel like things) as I decided they make the lines look like a better match and because it looks more like the dresses I’ve been looking at from the Met.  See….1848 dress afternoon aI’m going to add my fringe like this dress has.

Yesterday, I got some of the piping done.  Gosh, I hate piping.  What a tedious amount of prep work to  be done.  SAM_0986I still have to do the bottom edge of the bodice.  I still have to iron that neck piping down and I think I will have to tack it down in a few places because the raw edge insists on rolling out of the neck.  The annoying thing is, I’m probably going to be covering that with a crocheted collar.

And now that I’m looking at this blown up photo…I think I have to figure out how to adjust the tension on my new machine.


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