Useful but not stunning.

I’ve been sick all weekend.  But, I have managed to keep moving.  I have found small projects I could work on without expending a lot of energy.  I don’t know about you folks but I find wrangling huge skirt gores a demanding and physical job-I actually sweat doing that work.  The skirt was out of the question for this weekend.

My hat was at a stage that it needed simple seams machine sewn or hand sewing (when you are flaked out in a recliner, hand sewing isn’t that bad…) The bag for my 1840s costume falls under that category as well.SAM_0998I decided to keep it simple as there will be a lot going on with that dress.  The silly story that goes with this bag is that it originally wasn’t going to be a bag.  It was going to be the fabric covering my hat brim.  After I cut the brim out, I realized that the pattern piece had actually torn and the two fabric pieces were too short to cover the hat.  I had to recut them.  But, that used up all my remaining material so I had to use the rejected pieces for the bag…hence the slightly elongated shape.  Ah, such is life.  At least my fans should fit in there.  The chain is left over from a package I had bought that also had a gold chain in it.  The gold chain was used to fix my broken pocket watch chain.  So the bag qualifies as being completely de stashing…yeah me!

2 thoughts on “Useful but not stunning.

  1. Chelsea says:

    I love using up scraps in creative ways! Sometimes the shape of the scrap in question can determine what I make from it. 🙂

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