A day of potential posts!

I had a full day on Saturday.  It proved to be full of material worthy of a post.  I don’t know which item to start with!  Let me see….hmmmm.  How about this one.

I went to the Canadian Costume Museum and one of my goals was to find a dress that I only had the chance to peek at previously but REALLY wanted to check out in detail.  And I was able to find it!  It is so delicious!  It is a taffeta wedding gown from 1871-73.SAM_1014The color is so wonderful!  Lilac…just like my favorite flowers. The darker trim is velvet.  The tassels have a fuzzy strand between themselves and the edge they are attached to.SAM_1013Look at the inside of the sleeve!  Little pleated ruffles in white and a wide (3-4 inches) lace inner sleeve.SAM_1011Here is the side view.  I wish I had a bustle to show it to its best advantage.  The over skirt has the velvet and tassel detail with a bow added.SAM_1022The back view shows off the train.SAM_1024The back of the bodice has the same trim carried through.SAM_1025The bow matches the bow on the over skirt.  SAM_1027I like how the taffeta and velvet are blended together…especially at the knot.  I like this dress.  I’d really love to copy it exactly!

One thought on “A day of potential posts!

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