Story update.

On June 6 of last year, I posted about an 1830s wedding dress that is being stored in the Canadian Costume Museum.

SAM_1002In response to the post, I was contacted by a family member of the original owner who wanted to see the dress in person.   Last Saturday, we were able to arrange for the family (about 8 of them) to see the dress.  They took photos of themselves with the dress and swapped some information with us.  SAM_1030Unfortunately, the photo of Ray (the family member who contacted me) with the dress is blurry.  To bad!  The funny thing was seeing how much taller Ray was than his great-grandma!  We had the hem of the dress near where it would have been when worn and Ray was standing at the same level!

The family shared a photo of great-grandma taken a few decades later than the dress was originally worn.  I would guess this was done in the 1860s.SAM_1029It was a bit of a buzz to allow the family the contact with the dress and I felt pleased that my ramblings here helped facilitate that!


7 thoughts on “Story update.

  1. Oh, how interesting! I often wonder about the lives of the people who wore the vintage dresses I own now. How neat to connect with some of the descendants!

  2. […] family that came to see the dress from the 1830s also got an added bonus of seeing another dress that was donated at the same time by the same family […]

  3. Ray Phillips says:

    It was very interesting to see the dress in person, and I thank you for your posts, or we would have never known about the dress’ existance! One thing that we also discovered was that the shawl that was worn with the dress is safe in the hands of one of our cousins in Alberta. Also thank-you for your time and patience, it was greatly appreciated.

    • You are welcome! After you left, the three of us were saying how much we really enjoyed the experience! It was a definate highlight for all of our weekends!

      • Shirley says:

        Thank you, thank you from Ray’s sister, Shirley. What an experience to take us back nearly 200 years. It is so neat that this dress still exists after so many generations. Your post has helped our family trace its roots and get together and share old photos and memories.

      • We were so glad to do it! It really was fun and gave us all “warm fuzzies” knowing we helped you connect in a small way with your heritage!

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