Story update part 2

The family that came to see the dress from the 1830s also got an added bonus of seeing another dress that was donated at the same time by the same family member.  The lady from the 1830s dress had a grandson and he was married in 1908 (or was it 07-I can’t remember now).  When the 1830s dress was donated, there was a dress from the grandson’s 1908 wedding donated at the same time.

The dress came from Eaton’s.SAM_1004I bet there was a very smart hat that went with this!SAM_1008The buttons are velvet covered.  I imagine they originally matched the color of the dress more exactly.  There was black trim on the sleeves and the collar and that was also velvet.SAM_1007I love the chevron detail on the jacket.  This was carried out on the lower edge of the skirt (which did not show up at all in the photos.)  The pattern also goes across the back of the jacket.SAM_1009That is a smart suit.  It wouldn’t take to many changes to make it nice for modern wear.  (Larger waist, pencil skirt or slacks, chunky necklace….)  It was a real treat to see.  It was also cool to see that this bride was MUCH taller than our 1830s bride!


4 thoughts on “Story update part 2

  1. Anna Worden Bauersmith says:

    I also love the chevron detail. Thank you for sharing this. I will have to remember this detail for next fall/winter’s coat.

  2. That’s an amazing suit! And velvet covered buttons!? Fabulous!

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