Wanda B does pet rehab!

The nursing home I work in has pets.  Over the Easter holidays, one of our birds got sick and needed antibiotics twice a day for two weeks.  I do much of the bird care (as I’m one of the few that is not actually freaked out by them flapping around) so it fell to me to administer this medication.  Giving the meds is a hellish procedure for both the bird and I.  I had to catch her first in a little towel.  She is basically wild so that is the challenge.  Then I had to flip her on her back squirt the meds into her little beak and get her back into her cage.  Sometimes, she’d escape and I’d have to chase her around for a while.  I decided to bring the birds home for a week rather than have to go to work twice a day on my days off.  DSCF0047Then 6 days later, the cat needed surgery and he needed to be monitored for two weeks by one person.  He needed to be monitored because some of his meds are adjusted based on how he is eating and using his litter box.  With three shifts in the home there wouldn’t be one person watching out for him and mistakes could happen.  So off to Wanda’s rehab unit!  He is doing pretty good now.  And making himself at home! SAM_1044Here is my mad plan….Try and get some sewing done and get some photos of “cat vs sewing”!  I’m the only historical sewist that I know of that doesn’t have a cat that lays down on available fabric!


2 thoughts on “Wanda B does pet rehab!

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Ah, cat versus sewing is a great game! I also love bat my supplies under the shelving for a bonus round- you are a brave gal, Wanda!

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