Historical Sew Fortnightly:8 By the Sea

I had dreams…ok, ok delusions… that I was going to get an entire swim suit with accessories done for this challenge but I had to rethink that idea with so little time and so many dead lines looming!  I narrowed it down to one of the smaller details but also one of the more interesting ones.  I made the swimming slippers I will need for my Victorian swim suit.SAM_1055I should have made the laces longer.  I’m not sure how much luck I’m going to have keeping them there BELOW the widest part of my calf!  I may have to go out and buy more of the ribbon and do some sort of splicing job….

The Challenge: 8 By the sea

Fabric: Outer shell cotton twill. Lined with cotton/poly broad cloth

Pattern: Ageless Patterns Bathing Slipper

Year: 1877 (but I made it more 1890s by changing the ties

Notions: cork inner sole, gros grain ribbon, bias tape

How historically accurate is it? Close…90%…it’s that synthetic fiber thing again…

Hours to complete: @10

First worn: not yet

Total cost: The ribbon was the expensive thing. May be about $20

4 thoughts on “Historical Sew Fortnightly:8 By the Sea

  1. Cute! And I totally know what you mean about sewing project expecatons not matching reality. 😉

    • Thanks. Yes, one thinks “oh that is easy, I can whip that up in no time.” But, then you realize you have to cut out eight pieces for each pattern piece. You have to baste everything 3 times, sew it 3 times (once so it is in and twice because you screwed up) and then hand sew 2/3s of it because it wont fit in your machine…..

  2. shirley a victorian says:

    They turned out really cute! Hope my look as good.

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