One of CCM’s oldest dress

A few weekends ago, Shirley and I were helping out at the Canadian Costume Museum.  Shirley stumbled on a pre Victorian gem.  We didn’t have time to take it out of the box so I will show you a photo from the web site.  Half way down from the link, you will see the photos of the dress on a mannequin.          21_photogallery1_2196109541_52A030A

“Open Robe Gown with matching shoes, English, c.1780; silk and metallic thread brocade. Made in England of french fabric (c.1720) for Aleda Riddell Tucker, descendant of the first governor of Bermuda.”
Here is what we saw….the shoes.
Close up of the shoes.
The fichu….
…with the white on white embroidery.
Laying under that was the dress itself.
It is obviously blue with silver threads.
I thought the lace on the sleeves was divine!
I was also strangely pleased by the economy of using other fabrics in the parts that wouldn’t be seen.
Special thanks to Shirley for being my Vanna White!

4 thoughts on “One of CCM’s oldest dress

  1. shirley a victorian says:

    They have so many beautiful things there. I can’t wait until next time!!!

  2. Anna Worden Bauersmith says:

    Oh, those shoes! Love them. I starred at those shoes so long I almost didn’t scroll down and nearly missed the close-up shots of the fabric undernieth. You have made my day! That fabric is so close, oh so very close to the fabric I will be using for my 1813 ballgown, just in a poppy peach color instead of blue. I have been so unsure of the gold metal design until now. Thank you!!

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