Hello Emily Binks

I have a cabinet card to share with you today.  Sorry about the flash glare.  I took the photo to late in the day and had to use a flash.  All that is missing from the photo is her hand.SAM_1062

The hair and the bustle say 1880s to me!  The skirt is SOOOOOO wonderful…it is alternating layers of fabric and matching lace!  There is this sparkly buckle like piece at the hip with a ribbon dangling from it.  I want this so bad I can taste it!  The bodice is plain…just a pin at the throat.  She is also wearing earrings.

At the bottom of the card there is a name.  Emily Soutwell Binks.  I googled her name and got this site.

The important bit is this:

On May 28, 1887 Robert Binks married Emily Southwell.  They were both “operatives” at the time of their marriage (perhaps they met on the job).  He was born in England as was Emily.  (Did they meet on the job and strike up a conversation because of the familiar accent?)  They got married in Franklin NH.

The last bit has convinced me that I have the right Emily.  When I googled her name, I did not google the photographers name (Welcome…isn’t that awesome!) or address, which happens to be Franklin NH.  I was thinking that the place, and years seem to jive.  Maybe this was her wedding photograph.  It is a wildly wonderful dress that would be a great wedding dress!

Another google search revealed that Emily and Robert (aka Bob) had at least 3 children. If you scroll down to “Date 09”  in the section for the month of February, you will see that Bob and Emily had a daughter on Feb 9, 1891.  That is 3 kids in 4 years.  Bob was still working as a mill operative.


2 thoughts on “Hello Emily Binks

  1. Kate says:

    She’s my Great Great Aunt!

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