Planning ahead (dreaming ahead?)

I’ve been thinking about the Flora and Fauna challenge for Historical Sew Fortnightly.  It is challenge number 9 (and likely one I will not be able to pull off because of other deadlines fast approaching).  But if I could pull it off it will be this pattern.

Truly Victorian's 1870s Polonaise.

Truly Victorian’s 1873s Polonaise.

I’d like the fabric to be a floral but if I didn’t find one I liked, I’d go for a cotton material I do like so that it would fit the criteria.  I’ve been thinking about this “shape” of bodice ever since I got this cabinet card.SAM_0970

I really like the bow feature and would like to do something like that on the polonaise.  I also like this pattern because I could do the skirt part for the next challenge: literature.  The reference would be to Little House on the Prairie Series, the reading of which triggered my love of history. In 1873, Laura would have been still a young child and likely her mother was wearing pioneer type clothes for day wear but perhaps Ma had something like this for church.  Or the family saw it on town ladies or in ladies magazines.  Yup.  Definitely a loose match to the guidelines for the challenge.  I don’t mind the loose definition because the odds are good that I will be skipping these two challenges anyway as I can’t crank out an outfit a month and still hold a full-time job!

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