And this is why I can’t use real silk…

I’m making good progress on my 1840 copper penny dress.  The skirt has been attached with lovely little cartridge pleats.  It is a painful process but they look so lovely! The hem was finished yesterday and I was 1/4 way through putting on the hooks and eyes when I dumped my coke on it!

And there is the culprit

And there is the culprit

If it had been silk, the dress-that I’ve never worn, that I need badly for mother’s day and that I’ve worked hours on would have been RUINED!  I don’t even want to think about how much money that would have been.  But my mystery fabric looks like it will look fine after a quick rinse under the tap.  I have to wait until it dries to finish the hooks and eyes, give it its final press and then try it on.

4 thoughts on “And this is why I can’t use real silk…

  1. cheyenek says:

    How fortunate that it will be just fine! I’m glad that I’m not particularly accident-prone, since I only use silk and not synthetics(I think I may be allergic to some synthetics). Your post is definitely a reminder to me to keep all the liquids and food items away from the sewing area! 🙂

    • I’ve learned my lesson as well but considering my sewing area IS the dinning room, it could be a bit difficult. Plus, you can’t keep the food, drink and dirt away from you when you are out wearing them! I think I will stick to the synthetics (unless I can find silk for the same price or less than the synthetics… and that wont happen where I live!)

      • cheyenek says:

        Ooh, that is difficult. I have to share my sewing room with my 3 much younger brothers, one whom seems to be the incarnation of Tom Sawyer. It’s against our rules to bring food into that room, but… it happens… a lot… Nothing has happened but I’m just WAITING for a big bowl of cereal to be spilled on everything.

      • Sharing with brothers….ohhh my!

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