Girl’s Own Annual

You know you have an addiction (in my case Victorian fashions) when your boss knows all about it.  You can’t keep it hidden any more.  My boss showed Shirley and I a book that she had called Girl’s Own Annual.  It was a compilation of a years worth of weekly journals, intended for young girls, starting October 5, 1901.  In exchange for borrowing it, I have lent her my 1860s medical book (she being a nurse would surely appreciate it!)

Queen Victoria died January 22, 1901.  These journals were published just weeks after her death.  That makes this an Edwardian book but I still like it.  Here are some highlights.  The cover.  I think the woman is Princess Mary.  See here and here.SAM_1067

Note to the giftee from the gifter.


I think it says Ethel 1902. With Uncle’s love….signiture.  There was this lovely picture.


The caption reads…


Nice photos.


This one is pretty cool.  I didn’t read the article but I think it is a reference to King Edwards coronation.


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