Mother’s Day Victorian Fashion Show and Tea

Last Saturday, Shirley and I put on a Victorian Fashion Show for our seniors in the nursing home that we work in.  It went very well and I do think our ladies loved it!  Here are some photos from the event.IMG_1178 - CopyI am doing a co-workers hair up.  I didn’t have permission to use her face so I blocked it out.  But I will tell you she REALLY suits the 1860s styles!IMG_1198Coco Worker is wearing one of Shirley’s dresses.  You’ve seen it before here and here.

IMG_1210 - CopyOur teen volunteer wore my dress based on an 1895 fashion plate.  I hate it when someone else looks better in your dress than you do!IMG_1227Here is Shirley’s new dress!  Isn’t it divine!

IMG_1229Another co-worker wore a dress made by Shirley and worn on Dominion day.

MOTHERS DAY TEA 030 - CopyThis is my new dress. The skirt is what I contributed to the Sew Fortnightly Challenge 11 Squares and RectanglesSAM_1102

This front view was taken at an earlier date and did not include the lace collar that I made and added on.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Victorian Fashion Show and Tea

  1. shirley a victorian says:

    Sorry the first dress is 1860’s . And she did look Fabulous. It was so much fun can’t wait for the next out!!

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