Sleevils and Migrain medication

This post is gonna be short and sweet and possibly hard to understand.  I had a migraine and took my “big gun” medication.  It fixes the pain but usually leaves me loopy and barely able to communicate in the English language.  I have to attach the sleeves to my Victorian swim suit today.  Sleeves when I’m “sober” are challenging enough.  I suppose it will a good thing if I don’t attach them to the bloomer legs……

Finding William, Emma and Jessie Heft

I haven’t shown any of my cabinet card collection in a while so I’ll have go at it today.  With a quick glance at the lady, my first guess for a date was the late 1870s.  SAM_1108 I thought that date mainly because the lady did not have the frizzy bangs that I have in every card that I have narrowed down to the 1880s.

My next step was to look up the photographer.  This was the best bit I could find.  When on this site, scroll down to just past the photo of the grave marker to see this.

LAFORGEE, Chenoweth (Redden) born 1867; painter for EP Piper, resided with Ayres Jr. 279 W William 1877; worked for Stafford & LeForgee, resided same address 279 W William 1889; Photographer 340 N Main; resided at 542 N Eldorado 1899; Photographer 142 S Church; resided work address 142 S Church 1907 and 19167 died 1909

The way I read the above statement, Chenoweth Laforgee worked as a painter in 1877 and by 1889 was working at the Stafford and Laforgee studio.  None of the studio addresses match the one on the card so I can’t use the address to narrow down the date.  If he quit his job as a painter after 1877 and became a photographer, my original guess was possible.

My next step was to look at the card itself.  I had three big clues.  The red line border around the photo was one.  Those were common 1866-1880.  The small print at the bottom of the card was 1866-79.  So far my guess was holding.  Then I flipped the card over.SAM_1110

Ornate photographers stamps that fill out the back of the card was common from 1880 on.  I looked at the lady again and decided her dress could be late 1880s even if her hair was not the most popular style.

Then as I was writing this post I noticed something at the bottom of the back of the card.  It is written faintly in pencil so it is hard to see on the actual card but blown up with computer lighting you can plainly see Will Heft.  I Googled the name I got this site.

It says that a Jessie M Heft Emery was born in 1886 to William W Heft and his wife Emma J Heft.  And Jessie is buried in Decatur Ills.  There are links to her parents, William Heft and Emma Heft and they say they are buried side by side in Maroa Ills.  These two places are 13 miles apart!  The links also say that there was a son born to William and Emma in 1889.  There is no son in this photo.  Emma does not look to be expecting and Jessie looks to be 2 years old.  Ta da!  We have a date 1888.  We also have names and birthdays and dates for passing.  It makes them more alive to me!  I’ve tossed out some lines…let us see if we can reel in a new home with family for these folks!

Whew….just made it!

For the other Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenges I have rearranged my plans in order to work on the thing that best suits the challenge.  As I am on a tight schedule right now, I will have to, instead,  interpret the challenge to suit what I am working on.  For the Flora and Fauna challenge I am posting the skirt portion for the swim suit I am working on.  It is made out of 100% cotton=flora.SAM_1106

The Challenge: 9 Flora and Fauna

Fabric: 100% cotton

Pattern: 253 Folkwear

Year: 1890s

Notions: rickrack and thread

How historically accurate is it? 95% I’m not sure what fibers are in the rickrack.  I also did not opt for the more common wool….to hot for summer wear in my neck of the woods.

Hours to complete: @10

First worn: will be worn May 11

Total cost: @ $15

Girls Own Annual

Here are some nice fashion plates from the Girls Own Annual.


I like the detail on the two skirts on the left.  I love all three hats!  Aren’t they wonderful!


I love the contrast materials of the dress on the right!


Gadzooks!  This dress is divine!  I want one!


The sleeves of the dress on the left are fun.  If I had dainty little upper arms, I would copy that.


And finally some pretty little dresses that I imagine would work for the summer.  I hope some of my readers find some inspiration here!  Happy sewing!

Have I mentioned I’m a little bit mad?

Not mad in the “grrrrr” sense but in the “hatter” sense.  Some one was taking photos a few months ago and I decided to pose for the event.IMG_1464

They didn’t like that photo so I posed again….IMG_1463

Not an earth shattering post but I have a tooth ache and this is better than “whine whine complain whimper….” don’t you think?

PS: Happy May 1.  You’d never know it looking out the window but spring is underway….