Dashing Dame!

I have a cabinet card today of a lovely older woman.  She is wearing a styling hat and shawl with a nicely trimmed skirt underneath.SAM_1116There also appears to be sheer black gloves and a fabric tied at the throat.  The skirt seems to be bustled at the back so I’d guess we have an 1880s card here.

Oddly enough, the back of the card has turned out to be the most interesting thing.SAM_1118

How is this the most interesting thing?  I googled the name and address of the photographer and got this page that listed the name of the photographer, his address and the name of his wife, who worked at the same address.  His name is Samuel Montague Fasset and she is Cornelia Adele Strong.  Now these two were “somebody”.  He was the photographer to the treasury department and she was a well know painter.  This was one of her paintings.

Imacon Color Scanner

This is the link to my source.

She also did this painting of a young Lincoln….


…which I believe she painted from this photograph attributed to her husband.  I have to wonder if, Samuel Montague Fassett was the photographer to the treasury department, was my lady in this photograph the wife of some political big wig?  She certainly looks the part!


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