Hey Frankie!

Today I have a cabinet card that I believe to be from the 1880s.  Let us explore it together and see if I can prove I am right.SAM_1165

The lady’s hair style is classic 1880s.  The sleeves are a bit big so I’d guess it is the later 1880s.  Her dress is a bit plain but seems to fit her well.  I like the faux vest detail on the dress.  Her lace collar seems too big for my tastes but I do like the big lace on the sleeve.  Her husband seems a lot older than her doesn’t he.

I tried a google search on the photographer because sometimes the photographer and his address can help to date the card. That was no help.  The card itself has a scalloped edge with gold along the edge and the placement of the photographers name may tell me something.  When we google “dating cabinet cards” we can find some info, the most important is that beveled edges were popular from 1885-92.  This fits with my dates.

Lets flip the card over.  The first thing I see is the hand writing.SAM_1166

I’m reading that as saying Frankie Odgen and wife. I tried googling the name Frank Ogden, Frankie Ogden and Franklin Ogden with no luck.  There were “hits” but the ages or some other detail seemed off.

With out any other firm clues, I’m going to have to stick to my firm “guess” of the card being from the late 1880s.

Do you want to see the “ghost” in the photo?SAM_1167The card must have been stacked with other cards and the color from another bled onto the back of this one.  Faintly, I see a womans head with some sort of stripes on the shoulders of her bodice.  She seems to be an older woman to me.  I wonder if Frankie and his wife is related to her.

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